About Rinse'n'Run Car Wash

RInse'n'Run has locations in the northern, southern and eastern sections of Houston. Our Spring location is a drive-thru automatic offering a touch-free or a soft touch wash at the intersection of Kuykendahl & 2920 at Murphys Gas Station & WalMart parking lot. Our Deer Park location is on East boulevard also at Murphys Gas Station and Walmart. We are open from 8am - 8pm every day. Our West Columbia location is a touch-free laser wash located south of Houston Texas at the corner o


Why Join our Unlimited Club

  1. The monthly membership fee pays for itself after just 2 car washes per month! 
  2. Our system is easy. It scans your license plate and turns on automatically when you pull up! 
  3. We are open 24/7 in Spring! We don't close early or on partial rain days. We are open from 8am to 8pm in Deer Park. 
  4. Our wash is super fast and we only use the best equipment. We have the best wash in town and the average car wash is only about 2 minutes! 
  5. It's super convenient. We are in the Murphys/WalMart parking lot so get a clean car, get gas and do your weekly shopping all in the same trip!
  6. Our Deer Park location has an awesome light show at night. You should come see the Lava Wall! 


Operating During COVID-19

Our Rinse'n'Run automatic, exterior car wash will continue to stay open during COVID-19. As a business, we fall under the “Transportation Systems“ sector deemed essential. Specifically, NAICS code 8111 for Auto repair and maintenance. We provide basic cleaning and sanitizing services essential to the health and safety by cleaning the vehicles of first responders, vehicles that transport the elderly, and vehicles that deliver goods and food. We can do all of this via automation with little to no customer contact. 

Should anyone wish to discuss this, please contact Gregg Groenemann at 713-294-0553 or gregg@rnrwash.com

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